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Due to the simulcast on Sky 1 - and can I say, what a truly ridiculous amount of adverts! Spoilers include Ashes to Ashes references )
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Spoilers )
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Or, show! I've missed you.

Even if I am having a passionate thing with Being Human.

In other 'verses, Lost's Sayid should team up with Spooks' Ros and fight crime kill people.
Failing that, can we have Naveen for the Spoilers )the show as adding his gorgeousness and his fighting skills of awesomness to Ros's badassness and Lucas's hotness would put Harry in charge of the most awesome team that ever awesomed.
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Lost Spoilers )

Thinking about Moffat and Coupling and Who - Lesbian Spank! The alternate universe we didn't see in 'Inferno' which was the real reason for the increasing Three bouffant.

The new version of Survivors casting is out and the post apocalypse will be highly diverse and have some really good actors like Paterson Joseph and Shaun Dingwell:)
Also with the actress that plays Martha cast I'm wondering hoping that she won't be a new Torchwood regular, as I want new characters without parent show baggage.
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Or Lost: Spoilers )

On to VM: Spoilers )

And in other news, Dexter continues to to rock my socks so much that I'm just sitting there watching and loving.
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You spend the whole morning turning the flat upside down for the Screen Select disc that the e-mail says you got before you went off to the funeral, and you're convinced you put somewhere safe while packing, only for the thing to pop through the letter box.
Eyes massive piles of chaos.
Knows should put it all into order.
Does the Alias and Lost finales instead.

Alias, it's been a ride and Spoilers )

It also has some implications for Lost Spoilers )
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Having caught up on at least some shows - a taste report:

Smallville. Spoilers )

Veronica Mars. Spoilers )

Lost. Spoilers )

Now for my Cheesy Whotists: Celebrity Big Brother. I know it's bad and wicked and evil, but I'm addicted.
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Still waiting on news on if she'll be able to come home today but it's not looking likely.
So I caught up on my downloaded shows while waiting.

Supernatural Spoilers )

Lost confirmed Spoilers )

Smallville was Episode Spoilers )

I also can't get the Rula Lenska/George Galloway cat role-playing game out of my head - much as I really, really want to, can't believe I feel sorry for Jodie Marsh who is getting some really nasty and disturbingly sexist bullying and am so horrified at how horrible Pete Burns is that I doubt I'll ever be able to listen to You Spin Me Right Round again - which is a shame as I love that song. It goes without saying that Barrymore is a repugnant, self-pitying, bullying drama queen who should really go for a one way dip in the Big Brother pool.
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With Doctor Who when you're watching Lost and Spoilers )

Veronica Mars Spoilers )

Bringing up the rear, Desperate Housewives Spoilers )

GIP. Made by [ profile] __kali__

And most importantly, Happy Birthday, [ profile] doyle_sb4
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Smallville was Read more... )

Alias Read more... )

Veronica Mars Read more... )

Lost US airing spoilers )

I can't wait for the new Doctor Who Scene tonight during Children in Need, set immediately post POTW. Digs out tape.
I believe it's on around 9, but will be streamed here at 9.30 our time.