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You spend the whole morning turning the flat upside down for the Screen Select disc that the e-mail says you got before you went off to the funeral, and you're convinced you put somewhere safe while packing, only for the thing to pop through the letter box.
Eyes massive piles of chaos.
Knows should put it all into order.
Does the Alias and Lost finales instead.

Alias, it's been a ride and Spoilers )

It also has some implications for Lost Spoilers )
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Alias Read more... )

So I'm going to eat the little box of Godiva chocolates I got today for filling out a survey after sampling more of their goodies at the shop that opened recently by the supermarket. Which I more than deserve as I still can't sit down and not cough, let alone do anything challenging, like walking to the shops, without chaneling a particularly bad consumption victim.
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After my evil ISP left me without service for more than a day. Grr. Not a thing to do to a girl that's still a bit poorly and coughing like a coughing thing. *Smites*

But the lovely [ profile] ljs cheered me up wonderfully with a virtual pint prezzie, for which I thank her hugely. (((Hugs)))

And once the backlog had downloaded, I had Alias to watch and Read more... )

Supernatural Read more... )

Smallville Read more... )

Veronica Mars Read more... )

Now, roll on Who and a cessation of coughing.
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Or I catch up on my shows. Ok, with some of them only with the use of one eye, as the chest bug has spread to conjunctivitis from hell, ear pain from Hades and coughing blood to keep with the theme. Really, my health can get back to normal any time now. Now would be good. As it is, it's a damned good thing I have a well-stocked medicine cabinet and a nearby Boots.

Anyway, on a more cheerful note: Supernatural Read more... )

Alias Read more... )

Smallville was Read more... )

For Veronica Mars (and indeed any other shows ever) I have a request to the spoiler goddesses. Read more... )

Who is hoping for two functioning eyes for tomorrow's Who. There is no way I'm seeing that vision impaired.
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Smallville was Read more... )

Alias Read more... )

Veronica Mars Read more... )

Lost US airing spoilers )

I can't wait for the new Doctor Who Scene tonight during Children in Need, set immediately post POTW. Digs out tape.
I believe it's on around 9, but will be streamed here at 9.30 our time.
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Smallville Read more... )

Veronica Mars Read more... )

Alias Read more... )

Now to watch the England vs Argentina 'friendly'.
Pfft, No Such Thing.
Go Get 'Em, Lads.
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I was half expecting the file not to work, given how hash infested the torrent was, but it did. James )

Which takes us to Amy and Alias.Amy )
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After coffee in an unseasonably warm and sunny Soho - seriously, I just noticed I caught the sun [ profile] rozk and I hit the pictures. First of all, Kinky Boots These Boots )

Followed by Wallace & Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit Anya's Worst Nightmare )

I caught up with Veronica Mars Spoilers )

And last of all, AliasSpoilers )
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My Spooks 4.6 download finally finished. I don't know why that one is always slow, but Spoilers ).

It's an interesting contrast to Alias Episode 5.2 Spoilers plus Spooks comparisons )

Desperate Housewives 2.2 was Read more... )

Smallville 5.2 Read more... )

Which takes us to Veronica Mars 2.2. Spoilers )

I am overjoyed that Supernatural got the full season pick-up.
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The post arrives. The idiot car insurers have the wrong bank down on my direct debit.
The e-mails arrive. A completely different set of bank morons have got my address wrong for the second time.
I walk out of the door to find the council on a tree massacring spree that has left the gorgeous tree outside the building less pruned more amputated, and despite the car parking suspension notices in all the neighbouring streets most of the residents appear to think this was the board's fault, and muggins is the only one around to whine too.
So I escape to go and get a new tax disc to the car, hack down to the Post Office, queue, for ages, only to find I've left the insurance cover note on the sofa. Go home, rinse, repeat. Find car only to find a suspension of parking space for Monday for tree slaughter and with tons of kids coming out of school no real time or places to shift the car.
I get home again only to find one of the two main downloads infested with #hash errors that meant it downloaded and downloaded and never got to a climax. I still haven't seen the whole of Smallville though Spoilers )

Alias did make it down the interpipe along with yet more dosages of Classic Who. Is it possible to overdose?

Anyway, Alias )
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