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Battle of Cable Street

Civil Resistence has a long and honourable history in this country.
Media coverage on the other hand...

Given the subject matter could be triggery, but fighting fascists in my book should be celebrated.
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That's a wonderful clip.


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You made my morning with this. We, on the other hand, have a long history of being slow to wake up and resist.

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Happy to share. Some things need to be remembered.

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Two of my uncles on my mother's side (both unfortunately killed in WW2) were in there fighting on the "not actually communist but REALLY not liking Mosley" side. Anyone who tries to portray that fight as purely fascist versus communist is really missing the point - Moseley tried to lead a band of racist thugs through the largest Jewish community in London, with active police help, and got his arse kicked so badly that he was never a credible force in politics again.

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You may enjoy this - The Not The Nine O'Clock News take on his obituaries:

can't get it to embed properly.
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Took me right back.

Its horrific how relevant some of those NTNOCN sketches are again.

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Full respect to all those who fought the fascists, from all shades of the Left and those who were just ordinary decent working people.

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The depressing thing about that is that a lot of the East End people of that generation went on to be staunch supporters of the National Front etc. when the post-war immigrants started moving in to their areas.

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I know:(