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2011-04-19 08:39 pm

Elisabeth Sladen

Lots of twitter reports coming out that Lis Sladen has died.
If that is the case, and it seems to be, I'm absolutely gutted.
Sarah Jane Smith - the hero of my childhood and a great older woman still heroing in Sci-Fi for the new generation as well as those who grew up with her.
It seems almost more sad that this comes so close on our losing the Brig.
My deepest sympathies to her friends and family.
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2011-03-29 11:43 pm

Mercury picture

Does this look like the Death Star to anyone else?
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2011-03-29 02:49 pm

Battle of Cable Street

Civil Resistence has a long and honourable history in this country.
Media coverage on the other hand...

Given the subject matter could be triggery, but fighting fascists in my book should be celebrated.
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2011-03-26 06:10 pm

At home

now after a peaceful and inspiring rally in Hyde Park.
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2011-03-26 11:29 am

Off to march

Because the alternative is to be cut down.

I will try to tweet reports back, if I can get the hang of the new Android and it doesn't turn Bulgarian on me again.
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2011-03-25 07:58 pm

Men are like Androids

You wait for them, fall deeply in love, do something and all of a sudden its turned Bulgarian and you can't understand a word that's going on.

Though thanks to the T-Mobile shop on the Kings Road it has now regained its British nationality and I can now understand the menus again.

But I could have done without it on top of undexpected builders being unexpected, so I had to shift the clothes, books and shoes again and have fumes and dust exposure in addition.

Which combined with the car pound of next to a dank dock of damp that my Evol Council of Evol car-napped my poor car to this morning which meant I had a bad asthma attack while paying the extortionate ransom.

And had another in the big Sainsbury's on the way back home.

So I think if I march tomorrow I'll have a third really bad one. Whereas if I just head up to Hyde Park I'll represent and be able to breathe. So, comrades, I'll be in the park tomorrow and the new (English speaking) Android will be with me and I'd love to meet up there.
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2011-03-20 09:58 pm

Becoming Human

The Anti-Twilight.

And an interesting exploration on how hard it is even for a Being Human vamp who hasn't killed not to.
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2011-03-14 01:44 pm

Being Human

Series Four

Spoilers for the whole of Series Three for those on BBCA schedule.
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2011-03-09 02:34 pm

The car

passed its MOT, which actually stunned me.

I had a Full English at the cafe adjoining Putney Church, which settled my stomach a bit, though I don't think I'll be eating anything else today and will be sticking to fluids.

The medicinal powers of bacon, eggs, toast, banger, tomatoes and hash browns also set me up to revisit the Putney Debates exhibition and, now knowing more about his regiment work out where my relative would have been staying while Agitating. Paying my respects at possibly the high point of the English Revolution part of the English Civil War/War of the Three Kingdoms was also a boost at these difficult times. We did it once; we can do it again - and we can do it better.

Its also scary that in so many places in the world what they were discussing is still not in place.
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2011-03-09 06:49 am


Do You Wanna Touch Me.


A song by a convicted child molester about 'Do you want to touch me there? Yeah! Where? There!'

Even apart from the resulting RL/use of song disconnect/vomit factor, a song which will put royalties in his pocket?

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2011-03-07 10:18 am



Risks a few sips of Ribena.
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2011-02-23 05:35 am

RIP Nicholas Courtney

We've lost the Brig.

I know his family's and his friends loss is the greatest and my heart goes out to them.

But we've lost the Brig and I can't stop crying.

I don't remember a time when there wasn't the Brig.

There was always supposed to be the Brig.

I'm glad we got to see him again in the SJAs but I wish he'd been with the new show as well.

I think this calls for The Daemons.

Chap with wings, five rounds, rapid.
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2011-02-21 07:04 am

Being Human

Toby is Spoilers )