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paratti ([personal profile] paratti) wrote2011-05-14 07:30 pm

Doctor Who - The Neil One

That was simply lovely. Also deceptively simple in the way that truely good writing is. Of course the Doctor's Wife is the TARDIS. Of course its not just that she was old and wonky in taking him to places other than he wanted. She took him where he was needed - which she knows as she's in touch with all of time of space so she can make those judgements. And she chose him, as the only one mad enough, to travel with as she wanted to do that too. And at the end, she does what she always has, she saves him and his waifs and strays and takes them all on another adventure.

All topped out with sentient asteroids complete with minions with a touch of the mostly burninated Celestial Toymaker, a junkyard outside the universe - a potential ending to match the start at Totter's Lane junkyard back in the era of Barbara and Ian. And we got a inside the TARDIS menace the companions to echo the one they went though in the Edge of Destruction and the Time Lord mailbox from the mercifully surviving War Games.

It was a beautiful love letter to almost fifty years of a show. But it worked beautifully without needing to know about all that.

You just needed to know that the deepest, longest and most meaningful relationship of the Doctor's life got a voice and a body for forty minutes and they got to talk.

And it was lovely. And fun. And wild.

And Neil took the place of safety almost all the time and made it scary. That would have got wee me behind the sofa of safeness. Even if the inside of the TARDIS felt a bit Liberator in Blake's 7.

The denoument made use of the practice Three got with the console and how much he needs her.

Amy and Rory were great and the exercise from that ladder in their room got them where they needed to be in time.

The TARDIS thinks Rory is the pretteh one.

The Doctor thinks Amy is.

But its the TARDIS that is the sexay:)

Rory's and Amy's fears got used against them but they prevailed as did the Doctor/TARDIS.

And the whole rocked.