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paratti ([personal profile] paratti) wrote2011-04-23 06:59 pm

Doctor Who

Its quite weird, I've been tearing up so much over the last few days over the RL death (and did it again watching the CBBC tribute after the episode) that the Dead Doctor and Vicking Funeral didn't effect me at all. Though the opening ep of this isn't what it seems, Great Escape Doctor (wrong holiday! That's the Crimbo Movie), movie extra Doctor and fun picnic of fun did make me smile.

And that's fitting. Its what the show did for that too small, too brunette, too smart and too trapped somewhere she hated little girl who watched Sarah Jane and her Doctors back then.

I don't buy the perma Death. Some things can be rewritten. Some things have to. And not only planet Earth but all those small kids and big kids need this show now and in the future as much as they did then, just as has been proved by the multi-generational mourning this week. And so this will, though this may be the thing River does which is unforgivable. That she shot the Doctor is pretty much evitable at this point as it that he wanted it.

I did love River shooting the stetson.

I'm not so in love with the Doctor having left his pets at home to breed. That line at the end was as inevitable as it was foreshadowed.

I'm probably the only person in fandom who finds the actor who played Badger/Crowley/Lumpkin etc irritating, but he was mercifully less aggravating in this one.

Loved the Amy-River conversations and that Rory has to do the spiel because he's the newest.

She's a Screamer:)

Matt is doing a good job with the dark and the fun side of the Doctor.

The Utah desert is very pretty.

Scotland Yard is going to get so much irritation from the Yanks over its toy and where it parks.

Rarely used TARDIS toys:)

Creepy Aliens and a Hollow Earth. Well, its a trope going back over a century which is underused, so that's cool.

Awaits spec from the Americans about which of the three Founding Fathers fancied him, as I know little about US history, and the accuracy of Nixon's secret service demographics and overall accents.

Overall, a good opener, if inevitably overshadowed by the RL tragedy. But any show which can make a girl smile in those circumstances did a lot right.