paratti: (Default)
paratti ([personal profile] paratti) wrote2011-03-25 07:58 pm

Men are like Androids

You wait for them, fall deeply in love, do something and all of a sudden its turned Bulgarian and you can't understand a word that's going on.

Though thanks to the T-Mobile shop on the Kings Road it has now regained its British nationality and I can now understand the menus again.

But I could have done without it on top of undexpected builders being unexpected, so I had to shift the clothes, books and shoes again and have fumes and dust exposure in addition.

Which combined with the car pound of next to a dank dock of damp that my Evol Council of Evol car-napped my poor car to this morning which meant I had a bad asthma attack while paying the extortionate ransom.

And had another in the big Sainsbury's on the way back home.

So I think if I march tomorrow I'll have a third really bad one. Whereas if I just head up to Hyde Park I'll represent and be able to breathe. So, comrades, I'll be in the park tomorrow and the new (English speaking) Android will be with me and I'd love to meet up there.

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