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Being Human

Wipes away tears.

That was magnificent

Greek Tragedy mashed up with Free Will and the blackest humour to amp the whole.

No one's faults were ignored, especially Mitchell's and especially by him. He knew himself. He knew he was a killer and would kill again. He embraced his inner drama queen but died as his better self.

George! He took the hard choice and the loving one and I'm tearing up just thinking about it, but in a good way. In the best way, as a matter of fact. He saved his friend who he loved by killing him in a way there is no way back we or he knows of and put himself, his mate, unborn child and Ghost Friend at risk to do the right thing.

Annie and Nina - utterly the moral centre. Utterly right but not slipping over into hypocracy or self-righteousness. And standing with George against the Old Ones and Year Dot at the end.

Beautiful use of both the werewolf bullet guns on the wall and free will leading to self-induced prophecy.

Lia gets grace as well as hard truths.

Annie did go through another's door, as I thought she would, but she did it for a stranger and its all the more meaningful for that. As was Lia letting her go back.

The door is open for a new series even though Mitchell is hobitting. The rules don't apply to vampires old enough to be a different league to Harrick - Champions League rather than Third Division - they might get a staked vamp back. Or there's witches, or druids. There's totns of places they and fic can go to bring Mitchell back to help fight the Old Ones.

But they don't have to. They're great enough writers not to, or to leave it till late in a Series Four.

Because that was a beautifully written piece of human drama, acted wonderfully and a series that even if we get no more is one that I will never wish I'd never watched. Rather its a series I will always treasure. One that never wussed out, fucked up its metaphors, or took the easy choices. Like its characters it always took the honest path in storytelling and never copped out and produced a truely magnificent and truly adult show in the very best meaning of the word.

Kudos to cast, writers and show. You produced a real gem. A shining gem of human drama.

I do hope for more, but if that was the end, it was beautiful.

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