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paratti ([personal profile] paratti) wrote2011-03-09 02:34 pm

The car

passed its MOT, which actually stunned me.

I had a Full English at the cafe adjoining Putney Church, which settled my stomach a bit, though I don't think I'll be eating anything else today and will be sticking to fluids.

The medicinal powers of bacon, eggs, toast, banger, tomatoes and hash browns also set me up to revisit the Putney Debates exhibition and, now knowing more about his regiment work out where my relative would have been staying while Agitating. Paying my respects at possibly the high point of the English Revolution part of the English Civil War/War of the Three Kingdoms was also a boost at these difficult times. We did it once; we can do it again - and we can do it better.

Its also scary that in so many places in the world what they were discussing is still not in place.

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