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Do You Wanna Touch Me.


A song by a convicted child molester about 'Do you want to touch me there? Yeah! Where? There!'

Even apart from the resulting RL/use of song disconnect/vomit factor, a song which will put royalties in his pocket?


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Yeah, that is pretty squicky. I don't watch Glee though, so I can't make any general comments about the show. I have watched other stuff by the show's creator though, and he's committed some real acts of ick before.

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I really hope he thought Joan Jett wrote it rather than covered it but. still Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

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Wow. I didn't know that, and I think that, on the whole, I would have been happier continuing to assume that Joan Jett had written it.

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I didn't have that luxury. It was huge here when I was tiny and so was the story when it came out that he was a child molester.

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I've given up on Glee. Finding this out makes me happy in my decision.

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I think there may be a real stink over here when it airs. Glitter the child molester still makes tabloid headlines. And for once, I'd agree with them if there is.

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Jesus, I assumed Joan Jett wrote it. No idea it was a cover, let alone one written by a child molester.

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I really hope RM didn't know, but his team damn well should have,