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Risks a few sips of Ribena.

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Oh dear. :(

Sorry to hear you're feeling so poorly.

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Thanks:) I woke up at 5 this morning with the thirty second warning and thought it was over. I was wrong.

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Awwww, not good. Feel better!

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Thanks:) Time to starve it out.
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Oh, L, take care of yourself!

[hugs you gently]
[offers liquids and crackers]

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Thanks, mate:) I've flat Coke and will have some toast later, hopefully.


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Oh no! ::sends ginger ale::

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Thanks:) The Coke is doing the trick though:)

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Pitsy. Feel better.

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Thanks:) You too.

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Oh no! You poor thing!

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Thanks:) It seems to be responding to treatment.


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Ugh ugh ugh... the time I had norovirus was possibly the sickest I've ever felt in my life. And even after I got over it, it still took another week or so before I felt fully recovered. Get feeling better soon!

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Thanks:) Its responding to treatment and the toast seems to have to stuck.
And at least it isn't as bad as the bugs I got in Nepal and India where I lost a stone in three weeks.
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Oh no! Feel better...

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Thanks:) I'm going to try a restorative cuppa a bit later.

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Erk and eek! Take care. *hugs you gently*

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Thanks:) The troubled tummy is grateful.
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Oh, poor you. I was going to say try Coke but I see you already have. It's about the best thing I can think of for that kind of nastiness.


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Full caffeine. Full sugar. Let flat - nothing like it.


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I hope you are feeling better by now *cringes*.

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Thanks, mate:) I'm much better now.