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Being Human

So much tension. So much being sure that Nancy would be next on the body count and so happy the show isn't that predictable. George's Dad is so George's Dad.
George came out to the parental units - even if they don't believe him.
So beautifully balanced with the warm funny George's family making bearable the unbearable tension of watching some of Mitchell's guns on the walls go off.
Its all going magnificently pear-shaped for our favourite vampire.
Even as the show does a superb job of telling a vampire story without protagonist privillege.
Such a bloody great show.
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I'm glad your show is pleasing you! [hugs hugs]

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Thanks:) It's so good:)

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Agreed. I adored the way they wrote George's dad - so many little traits that were pure George. That line about Titanic - "Fifteen hundred people drowning and Celine Dion screeching her head off. What's not to like?" - utter genius.

Meanwhile the tension surrounding Herrick was amazing. The rest of the episode was quite low-key, but after all the stresses of the last couple of weeks I liked that - and it's so clear that the ducks are all getting into a row.

There hasn't been a show to rival this for years!
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The casting and acting was perfect, as was the reveal.
And if the silly cow hasn't got out of the lifeboat in the first place Leo wouldn't have ended up in the water anyway, he could have taken the plank;)

That whole scene with Herrick was terrifying. So well done by the writers and actors.

The finale is going to be awesomely deveatating.

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Even as the show does a superb job of telling a vampire story without protagonist privillege

THANK YOU! I've been trying to put into words or some cohesive thought why Mitchell isn't like Angel, or even Spike, and definitely not Lestat or Louis or any other vampire (except possibly for Robin McKinley's Constantine, but he's so "other" he's beyond comparison to anyone, let alone Mitchell). But you've said it all. He won't automatically come out on top. He's doomed. Like Herrick, actually, because dying and being reborn and dying, etc. isn't a "life" anyone would want.

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De nada:) Isn't it wonderfully refreshing to watch a show with no double-standards?