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Being Human

Toby is writing pure Greek Tragedy. All the causes and character actions are internal and intrinsic. All their mistakes, crimes and actions all derive from their characters both pure as the driven snow and dark as night. It all fits together as a story like the most intricate piece of clockwork and allows you to feel for all of the characters while not ignoring any of their most grievous faults and crimes. Its all heading towards the fairly foreshadowed conclusion.

And its magnificent.
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I'm glad it's working for you. [hugs]

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Thanks:) Its excellent:)


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You're right. You're right. I've just finished watching the last episode and...holy crap. Pissing Jenga is right.

This show has just gone from strength to strength. And makes me more ashamed than ever of the utterly lame, disemboweled American version.

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The Jenga tower is collapsing beautifully:)

I decided not to try the American version as it would have just annoyed me. Besides, I've always preferred full caffeine, full sugar over Diet Coke.